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Raleigh Founded

Raleigh, NC
In person job shadowing available!
Raleigh Founded

Company description

Raleigh Founded is a coworking and office space built for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. We have an extensive network of angel investors, industry experts, plus a collaborative community where you can grow your personal and professional connections. Check out one of our upcoming events or visit our jobs board to see new opportunities in the startup ecosystem. 

Jobs available for shadowing

Business Development Manager

To bring in leads, manage the sales pipeline, oversee sponsor and partner relations


Oversees community and operations for four locations in Raleigh. Manages Raleigh Founded team. Assists in economic development work in Raleigh and beyond.

Event + Marketing Manager

Oversees Raleigh Founded's social media and internal communication channels. Plans and executes Raleigh Founded events.

Raleigh Founded
Raleigh Founded

Why shadow here?

Raleigh Founded is a small business where team members gain knowledge on all aspects of running a business. Additionally, we are home to over 450 companies and 1500 entrepreneurs that students have the opportunity to network with.

What will this job shadowing experience look like?

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