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Can I shadow jobs I didn't go to school for?

Absolutely! We want students to explore their options and find what they truly want to do with their lives through seeing potential career options first hand. Shadowing experiences are open to anyone and anyone is encouraged to sign up.

How many job shadowing experiences can I do?

As long as you have access to the network you can request a job shadowing opportunity! We recommend having a few over the course of your access to get the most out of it!

In doing multiple job shadowing experiences you can understand different versions of the same job, network with multiple companies, or see different careers entirely!

How long will my job shadowing experience be?

Most of our job shadowing experiences are half day experiences that can range from a few hours to a whole afternoon/morning.

We do not have a cap on how long a job shadowing experience can be so you are certainly able to have a longer experience. It would just have to be communicated with your host.

What do I wear at my job shadow experience?

That depends! Companies and jobs vary quite a bit, we let companies specify if they require any specific attire but in general business casual is the norm for both virtual and in person job shadowing experiences.

What if I am not qualified to work the job I want to shadow?

No worries! Because job shadowing is a lower time commitment for companies they are more inclined to accept more people!

Job shadowing is often can be that first bit of experience you need to get your foot in the door for a career path. Basically, job shadowing is what gets you qualified!

Can I put job shadowing on my resume?

Of course! It's encouraged actually!


 Job shadowing can work as an alternative to an internship where you can get many experiences over the same period of time, or it can be used as sort of a pre-internship where it can be the differentiating factor that can land you an internship!

How much does it cost to shadow?

Depending on availability within our network, industry, and length of experience a job shadowing opportunity can range from $45-$85

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