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Host FAQs

What do I get when I get listed in the network?

When your company gets listed in our network you get a whole profile page outlining some key information about your company. This includes information such as a short description, available jobs to shadow, a quick pitch to draw students' attention, and videos and images to get people excited about shadowing at your company!


You also recieve unlimited consultation from us on how to best conduct job shadowing experiences. The companies in our network vary significantly so we do not have any rules for how to structure your day of job shadowing but you can work with us on how to create the most encapsulating experience for everyone involved .

What information do you need from my company before being listed in the network?

For your company we will need: Company description, website, address, point of contact email, logo and other image files. 

For the specific role being shadowed we will also need information such as: name of the role, short description of what to expect, and the max number of shadowees you are accepting for that day. 

Can students shadow more than one position at my company?

What is a typical job shadow structure like?

Yes! You can have your shadowees take a look at the whole operation if you'd like. You can do this through by allowing students to request to shadow different positions or giving them a look at the different jobs within one shadowing experience.

They can vary a lot. The structure of the day is entirely up to you, however we do have a list of typical structures that are effective.

In general we recommend starting the day with an introduction into what your company is all about, then delving into the specifics of the job(s) being shadowed. This can be a whole day event or even just a few hours.

How do people find out about my event?

Enspire markets its entire platform to students on the local college campuses and community events in the triangle area.

This involves direct marketing via flyers and information sessions as well as email and social media marketing. We focus our marketing based on the events listed on our site. For instance, if 60% of the events coming up pertain to the engineering sector then we focus our attention on the local engineering schools, faculty, and communities.

Is my company protected from any liability issues?

Yes! We require all shadowees to sign a general waiver and NDA form that protects both your company and Enspire from a broad range of issues that may arise. These documents are viewable below.

If your company has any additional concerns or specific circumstances that are not covered in our general liability forms you have the option to provide additional liability forms when creating your event. Students will then sign both our general forms and your additional forms before attending your event.

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