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North Carolina Museum of Art

Raleigh, NC
In person job shadowing available!
North Carolina Museum of Art

Company description

At the North Carolina Museum of Art, we believe in the transformative power of art. Through the People’s Collection, the state art collection that belongs to the citizens of North Carolina, and our 164-acre Park, we strive to create a sense of welcome and belonging.

Our collection spans more than 5,000 years and provides countless cultural experiences. The Museum Park showcases the connection between art and nature through site-specific works of environmental art and notable programming. We also offer changing special exhibitions, films, concerts, lectures, family activities, and much more.

Jobs available for shadowing

Media Services

Shadow our videographer to understand how he creates, produces, and edits videos for the Museum and how they are used in promotional and marketing materials.

Graphic Design

Shadow one of our graphic designers to see how graphic design works in the Museum setting. Graphic designers design and produce printed, digital, and online materials for the Museum including books, magazines, advertising, online graphics, and much more.

Advertising and Social Media

Shadow our Advertising and Social Media Manager to learn how she creates paid advertising campaigns that support marketing plans and manages Museum social media accounts.


Shadow a Museum Photographer to learn what goes in to photographing 2-D and 3-D works of art using a variety of digital cameras and setups to produce high-quality digital files and what goes into managing our digital assets.

Park Operations and Landscaping

Shadow our Museum Park team who works in our 164-acre park. Learn what it takes to maintain the landscaping design and trails in the park.

North Carolina Museum of Art
North Carolina Museum of Art

Why shadow here?

The North Carolina Museum of Art prides itself on finding new ways to bring art to life that inspire creativity in all of us, no matter our age, background, education, or socioeconomic status. We strive to attract, select, and develop talented, passionate people to help us reach and engage with our diverse audiences. Our culture is built on collaboration, trust, and commitment to excellence. Get to know the Museum and the multitude of careers here!

What will this job shadowing experience look like?

This job shadowing experience will be independently coordinated on a one by one basis. Meaning we can adapt this experience to best fit your schedule and ours. However all of these experiences will take place in person at the Museum of Art!

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