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Mayor of Raleigh

Mayor of Raleigh


City of Raleigh

A little about me...

Mary-Ann Baldwin served five terms on the Raleigh City Council, from 2007 to 2017, before being elected Mayor in 2019. Mayor Baldwin has more than 30 years of experience in communications, marketing, branding, and business development.

She is the executive director of the Holt Brothers Foundation, which supports children who have a parent with cancer, and Vice President of Marketing at Holt Brothers Inc. She also co-founded Innovate Raleigh, a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship in our region. She serves as a member of the Governor's Council on Entrepreneurship, the William Peace University Board of Trustees, the Wake Tech Foundation Board of Directors, and as a volunteer for Partners Read at Hunter Elementary School.

A little about my job...

The day to day job of the mayor can vary. The main function of the mayor's office is to create policy while the management of the city comes down to the role of the city manager, Adams-David Marchell.

What will this job shadowing experience look like?

Raleigh was founded in 1792 and is the second largest city in North Carolina. Raleigh is also the state capital and home to a booming start up space for entrepreneurs.

This job shadowing experience will take place on April 12th from roughly 1-6pm. During this experience a few lucky college students will get the chance to sit in on a few city meetings that will encompass a variety of issues and topics that will be discussed.

In this job shadowing experience you get the chance to see what is entailed in running a major city!

Interested in shadowing?

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