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Raleigh, NC
Virtual and in person job shadowing available!

Company description

Paradigm is a Venture Studio committed to helping founders and investors move their businesses forward and grow by developing products, brands, and marketing that inspire and transform industries. We've built our 10+ figure portfolio serving startups like Morning Brew, institutions like Duke University, and enterprises like Coca-Cola with innovation consulting and strategic design. Our work has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, the TODAY Show, and more.

Jobs available for shadowing

Studio team (designers/specialists)

This role includes anything design. Anything from web design to product design!

Associates (Client management)

This involves communicating with clients to make sure all needs are met.

Directors & Partners (Team & Company Management)

This job can vary from event planning and organizing to outreach and facilitating partnerships!


Why shadow here?

After working with 500+ startups, contributing to our 10+ figure portfolio, we've learned that one of the most important aspects of the startup/business development world is bridging the gap of knowledge between classic education & real world practices.

We've worked with companies such as the Emmys, Neurun (Acquired by Adidas), Morningbrew (acquired by Business Insider), IBM Developerworks, Deutsche Bank HIVE CRM, and NexOne Banking; and during that time developed best practices & processes that exponentially accelerate our teams, and possibly your, acumen development.

What will this job shadowing experience look like?

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