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Novus lights

Greensboro, NC
Virtual and in person job shadowing available!
Novus lights

Company description

Novus lights is a drop shipping company based in North Carolina. We retail manufactured lighting products online and sell around the world!

Since our inception at the beginning of covid we have done exceptionally well in the online retail space and are looking to give back our knowledge of forming a drop shipping business to those looking to do it themselves!

Jobs available for shadowing

President and CEO

This is the main role of the company and involves handling finances, manufacturing orders, logistics, and expansion.

Novus lights
Novus lights

Why shadow here?

In shadowing our president you get the chance to learn what the day to day life looks like in operating a drop shipping business. You will get to learn exactly how the company got off the ground from a single college student with a dream to being valued at over six figures!

What will this job shadowing experience look like?

Interested in shadowing?

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